3 ways to leverage Google Alert

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Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, offered by the search engine company Google. Weather you are managing your brand reputation or monitoring your competition, It is always important to listen to what people say about you or your brand. This tool allow you to listen to conversation that you are not aware of and that may involve your brand. Some of the alert you might be looking out for include what others are saying about your competition, what they are saying about your brand,any site linking to yours..etc.This tool allow you to track and monitor keywords so you will always stay inform. In this article i will share with you three tactics you can use to leverage google alert.


We see millions of conversations happening on the internet each day, what if those conversation were about your business and how will you even know they are talking about your business?.One effective way of converting prospect into leads is giving expert advise on online forums and on the social media. And the best tool to use to monitor these conversation on the internet is Google Alert.

Tracking and monitoring keywords: Step by step guide.


1 Begin by entering keywords you want to monitor or track example: Social media marketing service

2 You will receive google alert message when your keyword is mention

3 Choose one of the messages that relate to your business

4 If the message you choose title example: Facebook release new ads platform for social media marketing service

5 This is were all the magic happen. Create your own article using the latest news from Facebook as mention above.
So your article might title example ” How Facebook new ads platform can improve your advertising effort”
or ” How we use Facebook ads platform in our social media marketing service
Write a keyword-rich article that relates to your target market. One of the best ways to drive steady traffic is giving it away to other sites for free (Also call guest blogging).


One of the easiest way to get backlinks to your site is commenting.An effective blog commenting strategy will make sure your backlink go up with time. The first step to blog commenting is to locate blogs to comment on. And you can do this by using Google Alert.
When setting up Google Alerts, make sure to only allow blog updates to show up within your alerts, or else your email will be spammed by links you can’t comment on.Comment mainly on blogs which are within your niche. This will make your links have more authority and provide your website with traffic that is interested in the overall topic of your website.


Customer can say almost anything about your business, and any one can read it. a single negative review can destroy your new business. Even an established business has to be careful not to get too much negative feedback.So how can google alert help you?

Obviously, google alert does not only allow you to track and monitor keywords but you can also monitor your brand.
You do this by entering your business name or domain as keyword you want to monitor. This allow you to quickly respond to feedback’s you receive through google alert.

Recommended for You  Alert: If not using these free online tools
Recommended for You  Alert: If not using these free online tools

When you receive a negative feedback make sure you say something as soon as possible. A quick response shows that the business has nothing to hide. It’s important to note, however, that the messaging needs to be thoughtful and accurate, since the audience may already be aggressive and you don’t want to fuel an already existing fire.

Sometimes, the best response is something simple, such as “We are very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration that you’ve been experiencing. Please contact me directly at [email address] and we’ll get this figured out.” Click here to learn more about how to respond to negative comments Online.

Setting up Google Alerts is a simple process Click here to learn more

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